Wedding Peach episode 5

Episode Title
3 nin me no Aitenshi
[The third angel of love]
Air Date
Yume Miru Aitenshi (Furil)
[The Dreamy Fighter of Love]
21 Seiki no Juliet (Furil)
[Juliet of the 21st Century]
Guest Characters
Tamano Akira (Ohtani Ikue)
Tamano Akemi (Takizawa Kumiko)
Tamano Masahiro (Wakamoto Noriko)
student (Ikezawa Haruna)
student (Maekawa Yuko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.10.10
Momoko rushed to school because there was a practice game, and she wanted to get good pictures of Yanagiba-senpai. But when Momoko got to school, she saw Hinagiku talking to Yanagiba alone. Momoko and Yuri both snuck up on them (in the bushes). Yuri was determined not to let Hinagiku take a lead on her.

Later on Momoko and Yuri asked Hinagiku what she had given to Yanagiba. Hinagiku said that it was just a stamina drink, saying that he needed energy because soccer was a martial art. Hinagiku made her own drink with turtle and snake powder. Momoko and Yuri both said that she shouldn't have given him such weird stuff. Then Hinagiku's younger brother Akira came to school. He had some syrup that Hinagiku had forgotten to put into the stamina drink. Hinagiku was shocked, saying that the drink would be awful without the syrup.

Meanwhile Yousuke was drinking the stamina drink.. and he spit it out right away. The girls arrived and were relieved that it was Yousuke instead of Yanagiba who had drank the drink. Then Momoko and Yousuke immediately started arguing.

Akira was still with the girls, and he told Hinagiku that their parents had gotten into a fight, and that their mother had run away from home. So Hinagiku went home. Hinagiku's home was a flower shop, called Flower Tamano.

When Hinagiku got home, her father was very busy. Hinagiku said that he should worry about mother, but father said that he was busy and had to deliver flowers to a wedding. So he told Hinagiku to help out.

Hinagiku told Akira to go look for their mother, while the girls helped deliver the flowers.

Hinagiku said that her parents fought all the time, but this was the first time that her mother had actually run away.

After they had finished their deliveries, Hinagiku asked her father why they had fought. But her father said that he didn't know. Then mother came back.. and the parents started fighting again. Mother said that she had come back to pick up her things so she can leave permanently.

The girls asked why they had fought, and mother said that it was her wedding anniversary that day, and father had forgotten about it. The girls all told Hinagiku's father that he was at fault because a wedding anniversary was very important to girls. Then mother said that she was really going to leave.

Just then Akira found a little wrapped box in the flowers. It was a little heart pendant, and there was a note with it. Hinagiku read the little note that said, "Happy 15th anniversary."

Father said that he had lost the present, so he was just pretending to forget the anniversary.

Meanwhile Pluie and Jamapi were floating above the city, and Pluie said that he felt the energy of the saint something four.

Just as father was going to give the present to mother, a customer came to the store asking for some roses. Then the guy grabbed the pendant that father was holding, and took off. Father and the girls all ran after the man.

Pluie came and blasted father and Yuri. They collapsed to the ground. Momoko and Hinagiku stopped, but ran after the man. Hinagiku caught the guy and threw him withe a fierce judo throw. She thought that she had taken the man out, but the guy got up. Momoko used her compact and found out that Jamapi had taken over the man.

When the man ran away, Momoko transformed, "Wedding beautiful flower!"

Wedding Peach (in her wedding dress outfit) appeared in front of the guy and told him to stop. But he just attacked Wedding Peach.

"Angel amour peach!" Wedding Peach transformed into her fighter angel outfit. Hinagiku was watching all of this, and had no idea what was going on.

Then Wedding Peach used her bridal kick attack at the man. But Pluie blasted Wedding Peach. He said he had to have the pendant. Then Limone came, and he fought against Pluie in a sword fight in mid air.

Hinagiku was still watching and had no idea what was going on.

Then the man recovered and was attacking Wedding Peach.

Limone told Hinagiku to transform. Hinagiku didn't know what to do, but a wrist watch appeared on her wrist. The wrist watch was the saint pendule. An image of Aphrodite appeared and told Hinagiku to transform.

Hinagiku said to herself, "Momoko's fighting for my father and mother. Momoko's fighting for me."

"Wedding attractive flower!" Hinagiku transformed into her wedding dress outfit. She was going to fight, but she said that it was hard to fight in the wedding dress. Then Aphrodite told her to change clothes.

"Oironaoshi, angel courage daisy!" Angel Daisy transformed into her fighter angel outfit.

Then Angel Lily came.

Angel Daisy used her saint pendule daisy blizzard attack and blasted the guy. Then Wedding Peach used her saint miroir bridal flash attack and blasted the guy. Jamapi left the heart of the man, and the man dropped the pendant.

Pluie saw that there were three aitenshi, and left.

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