Wedding Peach episode 4

Episode Title
Angel Lily tanjou
[Angel Lily is born]
Air Date
Yume Miru Aitenshi (Furil)
[The Dreamy Fighter of Love]
21 Seiki no Juliet (Furil)
[Juliet of the 21st Century]
Guest characters
Tanima Elena (Sasaki Yuko)
Tanima Ryuuzou (Tahara Aruno)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.09.22
Momoko and Hinagiku went to Yuri's house, and saw a lot of wedding dresses, as Yuri's mother was a wedding dress designer. Yuri said that Momoko and Hinagiku can trying wearing some. Momoko and Hinagiku were very happy.

Yuri's mother showed off the dress that she was going to let Yuri wear in the fashion show. Momoko and Hinagiku wanted to wear some of the dresses. Yuri asked her mother, but Yuri's mother scolded her, saying it was work and not play.

Then Momoko accidently knocked down all of the mannequins with the dresses. Yuri's mother yelled at them.

Pluie sensed the saint something four. Jamapi said that he didn't feel anything. But Pluie told Jamapi to go check out the building, Yuri's house.

The three girls were talking as they were walking outside. Momoko asked Yuri if she can be a model in the show. Hinagiku asked what Momoko was plotting, but Momoko said that she just wanted to wear a wedding dress.

Later that night, Yuri asked her mother if Momoko can be a model in the show. But mother said that the dresses were made especially for the models, and it was too late to change it for Momoko. Then Yuri said that Momoko can wear hers. Then Yuri's mother got upset and asked if Yuri didn't want to wear her mother's dress. Yuri then ran out.

Jamapi said that he found the saint something four and called Pluie. Pluie knocked out Yuri's mother. Jamapi said that he felt the saint something four from the wedding dresses. Pluie said that the wedding dresses reminded him of Wedding Peach. Then Pluie ripped all of the wedding dresses to find the saint something four.

Yuri heard some noises at night. She went to her mother's room and saw that the wedding dresses her all torn apart. As Yuri was waking up her mother, Jamapi went into mother's body. When Yuri's mother saw the torn dresses, she asked if Yuri had done it. Yuri said that she didn't, but Yuri's mother slapped Yuri (this was because of Jamapi). Yuri said she didn't do anything. Then she cried and ran off.

The next day at school, Momoko went to Yanagiba after the soccer practice. She asked him if he would be a model in the fashion show. But Yousuke came and told her to leave Yanagiba alone. While Momoko was arguing with Yousuke, Yanagiba left. Yousuke said that he would do it. Momoko imagined Yousuke and herself together in wedding outfits, and said, "No!" But Hinagiku and Yuri came. Yuri said that her mother's show was canceled.

Momoko and Hinagiku got upset at Yuri's mother. They yelled at her, saying that she should believed in her own daughter. Momoko started crying. Then Yuri's mother apologized to Yuri.

Yuri's mother brought out some old wedding dresses and said that she would use those for the show. The oldest dress was one that Yuri's mother made for her own wedding. She said that she realized that the most important thing was trust and love.

Then Pluie appeared and thought that the old wedding dress was the saint something four. Pluie blasted the three girls. Yuri and Hinagiku got knocked out. Momoko transformed into Wedding Peach. Yuri then recovered and faced Pluie. Wedding Peach arrived and started fighting against Pluie. Pluie left out the window, and Wedding Peach went out after him.

Meanwhile Yuri's mother got taken over by Jamapi, and started going after Yuri, who was holding her mother's wedding dress. When Yuri got cornered, the lip liner appeared in Yuri's hand. Aphrodite appeared and told Yuri that she was a fighter angel. She told her to say, "Wedding graceful flower." Yuri then transformed into Angel Lily.

Meanwhile Pluie stopped running. He told Wedding Peach that she was foolish for just following him. He said that Jamapi probably had the saint something four already. Wedding Peach was shocked. But then Yuri's mother (Jamapi) came to Pluie and said that another love angel had appeared. Then Angel Lily appeared. Lily and Peach changed clothes together into their fighter angel outfits.

Jamapi attacked Wedding Peach and Angel Lily. "Saint lip liner, lily rainbow!" Angel Lily used her attack to stop Jamapi. Then Wedding Peach used her "Saint miroir, bridal flash!" to chase Jamapi away from Yuri's mother.

Later Yuri was a model in the wedding dress show. Yuri said to herself, "Mother, for my own wedding, I'll make my own wedding dress."

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