Wedding Peach episode 3

Episode Title
Nerawareta Hanayome
[The targeted bride]
Air Date
Yume Miru Aitenshi (Furil)
[The Dreamy Fighter of Love]
21 Seiki no Juliet (Furil)
[Juliet of the 21st Century]
Guest characters
Shindou Susumu (Chiba Isshin)
Mimiko (Amano Yuri)
background bride (Ikezawa Haruna)
background bride (Maekawa Yuko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.09.20
Shidou Susumu (a former soccer star for Sei Hanazono Junior High) was getting married. The current soccer team members, including Yanagiba and Yousuke, were going to put on a performance at the wedding. Also Momoko's father was going to work as the photographer at the wedding.

Momoko was going to help her father, and she was feeling very happy. When Momoko told her friends about it, Yuri and Hinagiku quickly called Momoko's father and told him that they were also free that day, and that they wanted to help out too.

On the day of the wedding, Momoko and her father went to the wedding hall. Momoko was dressed in her school uniform. When Momoko saw Yuri and Hinagiku, she was very surprised. They were wearing very nice and fancy dresses. Momoko started crying because she was the only one in a school uniform, and she felt very childish.

Pluie came to the wedding hall and repeated the words that Rain Devilla had said earlier. "If someone is in love, kill them. If someone was going to get married, kill them. As long as there is love, our hatred will not prevail."

The wedding party was progressing normally, and it was the soccer team's turn to put on the performance. The soccer team members came out and started bouncing the ball with their feet. Everyone gathered around them, and Momoko couldn't get close enough to see Yanagiba. Then the emcee urged Shidou to do it too.

Pluie sent Jamapi into the bride's heart.

When the emcee turned to Mimiko (the bride), Mimiko said that she hated Shidou. Shidou was shocked, and when he went to her, she pounded him away.

Momoko used her magic compact and saw Jamapi inside Mimiko. Then Mimiko blasted everyone in the room, and released some poisonous gas. Everyone started collapsing.

Yousuke quickly grabbed Momoko and tried to save her, as he dove to the ground. He told Momoko not the breathe, and run away. But Yousuke got caught by the gas and lost consciousness.

Mimiko then left the room and went to spread hatred among the other couples who were having their wedding that day.

Momoko was very saddened to see Yousuke collapse, and she transformed into Wedding Peach.

Pluie sensed the saint something four nearby.

Wedding Peach went out to look for Mimiko and Pluie. Mimiko had spread hatred all over, and the other wedding couples started to argue and fight among each other.

When Wedding Peach faced Mimiko, Jamapi blasted Wedding Peach. Wedding Peach tried to use the "lovely operation tempete" to chase Jamapi away from Mimiko's heart. But it didn't completely work. Wedding Peach talked to Mimiko, and tried to make her remember the love that she had for Shidou. But Jamapi was resisting it.

Then Wedding Peach transformed into her fighter angel outfit. She used her "saint miroir bridal flash" attack, and Jamapi escaped from Mimiko's heart.

Later Momoko went to thank Yousuke for what he had done, but Yousuke and the others had no memory of what had just happened.

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