Wedding Peach episode 2

Episode Title
Appare! Oironaoshi
[Splendid! A change of clothes]
Air Date
Yume Miru Aitenshi (Furil)
[The Dreamy Fighter of Love]
21 Seiki no Juliet (Furil)
[Juliet of the 21st Century]
New characters
Rain Devilla (Doi Mika)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.09.20
Rain Devilla, the queen of the devils, wanted to get rid of the saint something four, so that love will disappear. Pluie told Rain Devilla that Limone and Wedding Peach had appeared. But Pluie said that he would get the ruby anyway.

Momoko was having nightmares and weird dreams. When her father called her to wake her up, it was already past 8 o'clock. Momoko ran to school and she stopped at a convenience store to buy her lunch.

At school, Yuri and Hinagiku were waiting outside with some lunches. They had made lunch for Yanagiba, and were waiting for him to come. Then Momoko arrived, and they started fighting.

When Yanagiba came to school, Yuri and Hinagiku stuck out their lunches at him. Momoko then stuck out the onigiri that she had bought at the convenience store. But Fuuma Yousuke came and said that they couldn't have Yanagiba eat strange food. So Yousuke grabbed all of the food and they went off with Yanagiba.

During lunch, Momoko and her friends went to see the soccer team practice. Momoko then saw Yousuke eating her onigiri. Momoko got very mad and stormed towards him. But as Momoko stepped onto the soccer field, a soccer ball came flying and hit Momoko on the face, knocking her out.

When Momoko regained consciousness, she was in the arms of Yousuke. Yousuke was carrying Momoko to the nurses office. When they got to the office, they found that the nurse wasn't there. Yousuke put Momoko in the bed, and Yuri and Hinagiku went out to find the nurse.

While they were all alone, Momoko told Yuusuke to go. But Yuusuke said that he had to make sure that Momoko was fine, and stayed. While they were arguing, Yuusuke fell onto Momoko, and their faces got very close.

Then the nurse came back, and looked over Momoko. As Yousuke was leaving, he called Momoko, Momopi. Momoko got very upset at Yousuke for calling her that.

After lunch break, Momoko and her friends returned to the classroom. They discovered that all of the students were sleeping. Then Jamapi came and asked for Momoko's ruby ring. Jamapi attacked Momoko and got the ring. Then Pluie came, took the ring, and disappeared after telling Jamapi to get rid of the girls.

After Jamapi knocked out Yuri and Hinagiku, Momoko transformed into Wedding Peach (in her wedding dress outfit).

Meanwhile, Pluie was outside and he found out that the ring wasn't the saint something four. So he just crushed it. Then Wedding Peach appeared. Pluie made a sword and attacked Wedding Peach. Wedding Peach couldn't fight well in her wedding dress, and just as Pluie was about to finish her off, Limone appeared.

Limone told Wedding Peach to change clothes. So Wedding Peach yelled out, "Oironaoshi (change of clothes), angel amour peach!" and transformed again into her fighter angel form.

Limone fought against Pluie, and Wedding Peach fought against Jamapi. But Jamapi was too fast for Wedding Peach. Then Wedding Peach used her "Saint miroir bridal flash" attack which gave out the "beam of love", and blasted Jamapi.

Then Pluie and Jamapi gave up and disappeared.

Later when Limone commended Wedding Peach on her fighting, Wedding Peach said that the ring that Pluie had destroyed was a fake.

Momoko wondered what the ring was supposed to be. She wondered what the saint something four was supposed to be.

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