Wedding Peach episode 1

Episode Title
Shuku! Aitenshi Tanjou
[Congratulations! The fighter of love is born]
Air Date
Yume Miru Aitenshi (Furil)
[The Dreamy Fighter of Love]
21 Seiki no Juliet (Furil)
[Juliet of the 21st Century]
Regular characters
Hanasaki Momoko (Hikami Kyoko)
Tanima Yuri (Nogami Yukana)
Tamano Hinagiku (Miyamura Yuko)
Yanagiba Kazuya (Miki Shinichirou)
Fuuma Yousuke (Ueda Yuuji)
Pluie (Yao Kazuki)
Jamapi (Matsumoto Miwa)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.09.20
Momoko was wearing a wedding dress, and looking at old pictures of her mother's wedding. She was dreaming that she will have a wonderful wedding like her mother. Momoko's mother had died, so Momoko was wearing her mother's ruby ring.

Then Momoko's friends, Yuri and Hinagiku, came to her house. Momoko was very embarrassed to be caught wearing the wedding dress. Her friends told her to hurry, as they had to go to the soccer game so they can report on it. They were all in the school's newspaper club.

Meanwhile, Pluie sensed the wave of love.

Momoko and her friends went to the soccer game, and Momoko took a lot of pictures. Momoko's father was a photographer, so Momoko was in charge of taking the pictures. The three girls all fell in love with Yanagiba Kazuya, the star of the soccer team.

Pluie came to the soccer field and saw Momoko's ring. He thought that it was the saint something four.

After the soccer game, the three girls went to the soccer field. They wanted to interview Yanagiba. But, when they got to the field, Fuuma Yousuke, a first year goal keeper, stopped them. He said that they had practice, so he didn't allow the girls inside.

The three girls gave up and went to the park. Momoko spotted a crepe shop and they all went to eat. But the girls could not decide which one to eat. So they all got a different flavor (strawberry, banana, and chocolate), and took turns eating each other's crepes.

As the three girls were heading home, Pluie came and captured Momoko. He said that he wanted Momoko's ruby ring. Momoko said that it was her mother's and struggled to get away. Yuri and Hinagiku started yelling for help, so Pluie blasted them.

Momoko kept refusing, and tried to get away from Pluie. Pluie tried to pull the ring from Momoko's finger. But then there was a light in the sky, and the angel Limone appeared. Then Limone and Pluie fought.

Momoko went to her friends to see if they were all right. But Pluie called his evil devil Jamapi, and sent Jamapi into Yuri and Hinagiku's hearts. Yuri and Hinagiku got up and started to go after Momoko.

When Momoko got cornered, Limone used his magic to stop Yuri and Hinagiku. Limone said, "You're the only one who can drive Jamapi away from their bodies, the legendary love angel Wedding Peach."

Then Limone gave Momoko a compact (called saint miroir). Momoko opened the compact, and an image of Aphrodite appeared. Aphrodite was the queen of the world of angels. She told Momoko to transform by saying, "Wedding beautiful flower."

Yuri and Hinagiku attacked Momoko. Then Momoko transformed into Wedding Peach. [The BGM is "21 Seiki no Juliet".] Wedding Peach was dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress with lots of frills, and she was carrying a bouquet.

Aphrodite told Momoko to fight the devils, but Momoko didn't want to fight. Yuri and Hinagiku kept attacking Momoko, so Momoko had no choice. The bouquet turned into a magical stick, and she yelled out, "Lovely operation tempete!" Then the "wave of love" chased Jamapi away from the hearts of Yuri and Hinagiku.

[tempete is storm in French]

Pluie saw Wedding Peach, and gave up. He disappeared with Jamapi.

After the battle, Momoko fainted. When she got up, Yuri and Hinagiku had already recovered, and were looking after her. But Yuri and Hinagiku didn't remember anything about the devils.

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