Sentimental Graffiti MCD cards

The first pressing of the Sentimental Graffiti drama CDs came with some special collector's cards. Also the Sentimental Graffiti Desktop Accessory (2nd CD-ROM) came with 12 calendar cards.

MCD-01 drama CD 1 Sawatari Honoka
MCD-02 drama CD 1 Sugihara Manami
MCD-03 drama CD 1 Nanase Yuu
MCD-04 drama CD 1 Yamamoto Rurika
MCD-05 drama CD 1 Ayasaki Wakana
MCD-06 drama CD 1 Endou Akira
MCD-07 drama CD 2 Matsuoka Chie
MCD-08 drama CD 2 Nagakura Emiru
MCD-09 drama CD 2 Morii Kaho
MCD-10 drama CD 2 Hosaka Miyuki
MCD-11 drama CD 2 Hoshino Asuka
MCD-12 drama CD 2 Adachi Taeko
MCD-13 drama CD 3 Wakana, Taeko, Akira, Asuka
MCD-14 drama CD 3 Manami, Honoka, Miyuki, Rurika
MCD-15 drama CD 3 Emiru, Chie, Yuu, Rurika
MCD-16 drama CD 4 Taeko, Asuka, Kaho, Miyuki, Emiru, Chie
MCD-17 drama CD 4 Manami, Akira, Wakana, Rurika, Yuu, Honoka
MCD-18 drama CD 4 all
MCD-19 desktop accessory Sawatari Honoka (May)
MCD-20 desktop accessory Hoshino Asuka (June)
MCD-21 desktop accessory Nagakura Emiru (July)
MCD-22 desktop accessory Yamamoto Rurika (August)
MCD-23 desktop accessory Ayasaki Wakana (September)
MCD-24 desktop accessory Endou Akira (October)
MCD-25 desktop accessory Matsuoka Chie (November)
MCD-26 desktop accessory Nanase Yuu (December)
MCD-27 desktop accessory Adachi Taeko (January)
MCD-28 desktop accessory Hosaka Miyuki (February)
MCD-29 desktop accessory Sugihara Manami (March)
MCD-30 desktop accessory Morii Kaho (April)

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