Venus Project TV 6

title Venus Project TV 6
Venus Project Premium Live
date 2015.09.27
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)
Hayase Marika (轲)
Iida Riho (Τ)
Himesaki Ami
Tanabe Rui (α)
Nemoto Ruka (ή)

Venus Project TV 6 was aired on 9/27, and it was a compilation broadcast of the Venus Project Premium Live, which took place on 9/23.

This was aired only four days after the actual event.

The contents were as follows.

  1. short intro by the 6 main seiyuu (Sawako, Riho, Marika, Ami, Rui, Ruka)
  2. [song] Venus Drive (Ami, Sawako)
  3. backstage comments by Riho, Marika
  4. [song] Mint Flavor (Riho, Marika)
  5. [song] Croque Mademoiselle (Rui, Ruka)
  6. [song] Yume no Tsubasa (Riho) [cut]
  7. [song] Kimi Collector (Rui) [very short]
  8. [song] Tenshi no Ichigeki (Ami) [cut]
  9. [song] Journey for Life (Marika) [cut]
  10. [song] 1, 2, 3, 4 (Ruka) [very short]
  11. [song] Aoi Kaze (Sawako) [cut]
  12. backstage shots
  13. [encore] Yume no Tsubasa (Riho, Sawako, Marika)
  14. [encore] Venus Drive (everyone)
The 6 main seiyuu were Hata Sawako, Iida Riho, Hayase Marika, Himesaki Ami, Tanabe Rui, Nemoto Ruka. For the very last song, there were other seiyuu on the stage, and you can see them a little bit.

These songs aren't in the same order as the event. The solo songs were cut pretty short. Rui and Ruka's parts were very, very short.

All CMs during the show were for Venus Project except one, which was for Iida Riho's CD Rippi-Rippi.

There were lots of nice closeups of Sawako!

Only a few shots of me from the back. (^_^;;

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