Hiru Kyun - 2017.03.17

program Hiru Kyun (Ҥ륭!)
air date 2017.03.17
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)
Takada Yuuki (ͫ)
Kouno Marika (Τ)

Hiru Kyun is a one hour lunchtime talk show on Tokyo MX. It's also available on the internet via the mcas smartphone application.

On the March 17, 2017 (Friday) broadcast, Hata Sawako, Takada Yuuki, and Kouno Marika were guests and appeared for around 6 minutes.

At around 12:18, the illustrator Kishida Mel appeared as a guest. For around 10 minutes, Mel held an "Illustration Classroom".

Then at 12:28, Mel called for the three seiyuu, as he was busy drawing a sketch. The three seiyuu came onto the screen with their faces covered by pictures of their Blue Reflection characters.

Yuuki, Marika, and Sawako introduced themselves while having their faces covered. Then they lowered the pictures to reveal their own faces.

Next there was a video of the Blue Reflection game. Yuuki explained the game while the video was playing.

While the seiyuu were talking, Mel was busy drawing a sketch of one of the hosts.

Marika said her personality was totally the opposite of her character in the game. Her character was a very genki and cheerful character, but Marika said she usually never leaves home, and she's always playing games at home by herself.

Overall the three seiyuu were on the show for about 6 minutes.

Sawako didn't talk much at all. She was wearing a light purple sweater over a yellow one piece. Her hair was slightly curled and arranged on her right shoulder (not a hairstyle Sawako does often). She was also wearing high heeled boots.

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