Hiru Kyun - 2016.12.12

program Hiru Kyun (ひるキュン!)
air date 2016.12.12
seiyuu Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
Sadohara Kaori

Hiru Kyun is a one hour lunchtime talk show on Tokyo MX. It's also available on the internet via the mcas smartphone application.

On the December 12, 2016 (Monday) broadcast, Hata Sawako and Sadohara Kaori were guests and made a short appearance, of about 2.5 minutes.

Sawako and Kaori appeared at the very end of the show (12:55).

They were both wearing blue T-shirts with a "koezuka" (こえずか) logo on the front.
Sawako had her hair in double braid twintails.

Sawako and Kaori said they met for the first time today, this morning.

They talked about the seiyuu zukan (声優図鑑) web site that had interviews and photos of seiyuu. There will be a seiyuu zukan related event on March 5, 2017, called "Koezuka in Tokyo MiX vol 03". This event will have talk and mini drama by many seiyuu, some of who have been announced already. Sawako and Kaori will be participating. There will be more seiyuu participating, and they will be announced later.

After the announcement, one of the hosts asked the two seiyuu to speak in their real voice. Until now, Sawako and Kaori had been speaking with very cute voices. Then Sawako spoke in a very deep voice and surprised the hosts. But Sawako said that she doesn't know which one is her real voice.

At the end of the broadcast, everyone did the "hiru kyun" pose for the TV show, even Sawako and Kaori. Then the hosts asked the seiyuu to say something "kyun" (heart throbbing), and Sawako said "daisuki!" and Kaori said "oniichan!"

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