Bang Dream TV 47

Program Bang Dream TV 47
Air Date 2019.05.30
Seiyuu Terakawa Aimi ()
Maeshima Ami (簡)
Ohtsuka Sae (ͼӱ)
Kohara Riko
Tsumugi Risa
Guests Hata Sawako (»)
Yoshida Yuuri

This was the 47th broadcast of Bang Dream TV.

The guests were Hata Sawako and Yoshida Yuuri (second week). They were also guests last week.

The guests got together to do a samurai skit. But before going to the new one, they showed some clips from the previous one when Sawako was on the show in broadcast 23.

The story was basically the same again, with Aimi playing the villian, Ami the girl, Yuuri the ninja, and Sawako the hero. They had to do the entire skit in one go without making any mistakes. They had to start over from the beginning if they made any mistakes.

After the normal broadcast, they showed some scenes from the rehearsals for this skit.

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