Bang Dream TV 46

Program Bang Dream TV 46
Air Date 2019.05.23
Seiyuu Terakawa Aimi ()
Maeshima Ami (簡)
Ohtsuka Sae (ͼӱ)
Kohara Riko
Tsumugi Risa
Guests Hata Sawako (»)
Yoshida Yuuri

This was the 46th broadcast of Bang Dream TV. The guests were Hata Sawako and Yoshida Yuuri.

In the opening skit by Aimi and Ami, Aimi wore sunglasses and acted tough.

In Sae's corner, they played the song "Riot", and Sae got a full combo.

In the guest corner, Sawako and Yuuri introduced their own characters. The the guests talked about their favorite scenes in Bang Dream Second Season. Yuuri picked the Hello Happy World episode, and they showed a little bit of the anime. Sawako picked the scene of Eve from episode 5.

At the end, they announced that there will be Bang Dream CD singles going on sale for 6 consecutive months, and each one will come with a bluray containing 2 episodes of the Bang Dream Second Season anime.

Sawako and Yuuri will also be guests next week.

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