Animemashite - 2017.04.03

Program Animemashite (アニメマシテ)
Date 2017.04.03
Hosts Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
Tanabe Rui (田辺留依)
Narration Hikasa Youko (日笠陽子)
Guest Ozaki Yuka (尾崎由香)
Motomiya Kana
Ono Saki (小野早稀)

The hosts for the April 3, 2017 broadcast of Animemashite were Hata Sawako and Tanabe Rui.

During the opening, Rui said she was a little nervous. They said their self-introductions to each other. They said it had been a while since they saw each other. When they were working on Venus Project, they used to see each other two or three times a month.

They also said that they went to a museum together. But they looked at the exhibits at their own pace. After the museum, they went to Disneyland.

The guests were Ozaki Yuka, Motomiya Kana, and Ono Saki from the TV anime Kemono Friends. The three seiyuu form the group doubutsu biscuits (どうぶつビスケッツ).

They talked about Kemono Friends, which just ended. They also did a little bit of the dance for the opening song.
This part was around 9 minutes.

In the cross interview section, Rui interviewed Sawako. Some of the questions and answers weren't aired, but there was a 15 minute video file on the animemashite website with the unaired clips.

In the next section, they talked about a new anime streaming service by TV Tokyo called "anitele". Sawako and Rui talked about old anime, what they were watching when they were young. Sawako said that she doesn't have a recorder now, so she tries to watch the current anime in real-time.

For the ending, Sawako asked Rui to do a special voice.

This was the first week for Sawako and Rui.
They were also the hosts the following week.

Sawako was wearing a white cardigan buttoned at the top, over a white and blue striped one piece. Her hair was in twintails.

Rui was wearing a black one piece.


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