Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang Dream - 2017.06.15

Program Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang Dream
Air Date 2017.06.15
Seiyuu Poppin' Party
Ozaki Yuka (ͳ)
Guests Kudou Haruka (ƣ)
Aiba Aina (걩)
Video Hata Sawako (»)
Nakagami Ikumi
Kitta Izumi (Ĥ)
Tokui Sora (Ķ)

Yuka's corner had a lot of video from the Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Matsuri event that took place from 5/5 to 5/7.

Yuka went to the food court and ordered a japari-man and paradox juice.

There were interview videos taken after the Bang Dream Girls Band Party stage of 5/7. There were videos of Ayaka and Sae, Rimi and Aimi, and Hata Sawako and Nakagami Ikumi. Each video was just a couple minutes.

Then Yuka walked around more, and there were videos of Kitta Izumi selling the "milky gouza" and Tokui Sora helping out at a store.

There was also a video of a Megami Meguri event by Ayasa and Yuka.

For the in studio part, there was an interview of Kudou Haruka and Aiba Aina from Roselia.

For the Poppin Party Live Library corner, they showed a video of "Poppin Shuffle" from the live of 2016.04.24.

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