AniGe- Eleven 46

Program AniGe Eleven (アニゲー☆イレブン) 46
Date 2016.08.25
Host Kubo Yurika (久保ユリカ)
Guests Igarashi Hiromi (五十嵐裕美)
Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
Shimotsuki Haruka

The guests for AniGe Eleven broadcast 46 were Igarashi Hiromi, Hata Sawako, and Shimotsuki Haruka.

Hiromi and Sawako are in the same seiyuu production Mausu Promotion, and they were the first guests. They talked while eating pudding.

Hiromi talked about Mausu Promotion. She said that it was a very free company, and the only things that were forbidden were "crime" and "death". Anything else was ok. Hiromi said that Mausu doesn't forbid dating and such, and even encourages the seiyuu to get married quickly.

In the next section, Sawako did most of the talking. She showed a photo of an outfit (clothes) that she made herself. Since she has to come up with many outfits herself, she started making them herself recently. She even has a mannequin at home.

Then Sawako showed off her kendama skills. She failed a couple times, but she was mostly good. Then Yurika tried, but failed terribly.

Next Hiromi talked about "Mausu Doubutsuen", an anime made by Mausu. Many of the seiyuu in Mausu were given animals as characters. Sawako was a duck, and Hiromi was a sloth.

Then Shimotsuki Haruka (singer, song writer, seiyuu) joined. There was a monthly CD released by Mausu Promotion called "Mausu Theater", containing drama and songs. The first CD had the "Mausu Doubutsuen Theme" song, sung by Hiromi and others. The second CD will have a song by Sawako. The third CD will have a song written by Haruka.

After the program, there was a two minute commercial for Mausu Shop, by Igarashi Hiromi and Shingaki Tarusuke.

Sawako was wearing a pink one piece and a white cardigan. The one piece had white polka dots, and the bottom part had pictures of rabbits.

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