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  • Caramel Heights - 2003.08.06

    Nagai Noa (ʰΤ)

    The guest was Nagai Noa. (She appeared at the 2:20 mark.) Noa was wearing a black and white shirt.

    They read letters from listeners.

    The next corner was Renzoku Hidamari Shousetsu. (around 6:50) Kikuko and Noa read keywords from listeners, and made up a story.

    The next corner was Caramel Police. (around 12:00) There was a drama, and Nagai Noa appeared as Mizui Noa.

    The next corner was the ikenaikoto corner (around 18:20) They at a birthday cake, as it was Noa's birthday. For this part, Noa was wearing a red and white shirt.

    At the ending, Kikuko announced that she will have her seiyuu 15th anniversary event on 9/23. Tickets on sale now. Noa will also appear at this event.

    [Since Noa was wearing two different clothes, I wonder if this radio was recorded on two different days.]

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