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  • Caramel Heights - 2003.07.30

    Nagai Noa (ʰΤ)
    Yamamoto Maria (Τ)
    Hirohashi Ryo

    They broadcast clips from the public recording (Hobby Expo 2003 on 7/27).

    Opening had Kikuko's song from the public recording. Kikuko introduced the guests, Hirohashi Ryo and Yamamoto Maria. Maria was wearing a pink yukata.

    The radio show went back to "normal" and Kikuko read letters from listeners.

    For the Caramel Police corner (around the 8:50 mark), they broadcast the "live drama" from the public recording. During this drama, Nagai Noa appeared as the new tenant of Caramel Heights, called Mizui Noa. The characters in the drama were: Kyanrinin (Inoue Kikuko), Kawamoto Maria (Yamamoto Maria), Semahashi Ryoko (Hirohashi Ryo), Mizui Noa (Nagai Noa).

    At the end of the drama, Kikuko came out dressed as the Caramel Police.

    The "ikenaikoto" corner (around the 19:00 mark) was with Yamamoto Maria. They ate baby star ramen.

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