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  • Caramel Town - 2003.07.07

    Nagai Noa (ʰΤ)

    [only summarizing the parts with Nagai Noa (^_^;]

    At around the 25:40 mark (of the 60 minute radio show), Inoue Kikuko and Hirohashi Ryo went to the Caramel Pet Shop. Nagai Noa was the worker of the pet shop. When Kikuko asked what kind of animals they had at the pet shop, Noa said that they had horses, sheep, etc.. (strange pet shop!)

    Noa introduced herself as a new seiyuu in Office Anemone. Noa was wearing a red Milk shirt with white trim.

    The next corner was the Caramel Colaboration corner, where they read letters from listeners.

    Noa said that she will appear at the Caramel Town public recording event at the Hobby Expo (7/27). She will also sell some goods at the Sammy Booth.

    At around the 42:10 mark, it was the "choi giri" corner. The keyword was "lucky", and Kikuko, Ryo, and Noa drew a picture for that keyword. Noa drew a picture of a jagged 10 yen coin (giza 10). Noa said that she now had around 1500 jagged 10 yen coins (she collects these).

    At around the 53:00 mark, everyone ate some cake. Noa did the voice of a turtle, named Melon-chan. Noa did it in a very deep (unusual for her) voice.

    [some parts of this was broadcast in the Internet version of Caramel Town, but a lot of it wasn't.]

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