My Closet 23

title My Closet 23
date/time 2021.03.12 20:00-
broadcast niconico, youtube
host Yoshioka Mayu (Ȳʹ)

This was the 23rd broadcast of Yoshioka Mayu's solo program My Closet. The first 30 minutes was free, and the second half was for members only.

Mayu said she will do a challenge corner in the members only section where she has to choose the good/expensive thing among two choices.

They did a trial of it in the free broadcast with roast beef. There were two pieces, and Mayu had to pick the expensive one. Mayu looked them, and smelled them. Then she tasted them. Mayu said both were good, but she picked one. She was right!

Mayu said she has improved in the game Project Sekai. She can clear the hard level songs now. Mayu plays with her thumbs, so she said this might be the best she can do.

Mayu said the next broadcast was 4/9, and it would be the last one.