Areka Koreka 46

title Areka Koreka 46
date/time 2021.07.08 21:00-
broadcast niconico
hosts Eino Airi (永野愛理)

This was the 46th broadcast of Eino Airi's solo program Areka Koreka.

Airi started writing to her official twitter account on 7/1. Before that, her official account was written by the staff.

Airi said she only writes about baseball, most of the time. So the mail topic for this broadcast was what kind of tweet the viewers wanted to see from Airi.

Some people wanted to see Airi's cooking. Airi said her cooking was just ordinary, and not too good for posting. But she said she will post if she makes something that looks good.

Some people wanted to see Airi's coffee. Airi said she usually doesn't take many pictures, but she said she will try.

Airi said that she usually puts her smartphone down when the baseball game ends. But she said she will try to tweet more.