Shawa Gohan 10

title Shawa Gohan 10
date 2017.04.14
host Hata Sawako (»)
cost free + members only
restaurant Kakyoubeisen (Akihabara)

This was the 10th broadcast of Shawa Gohan.

Sawako was wearing a colorful flower design one piece, and a white cardigan with a big black collar. Her hair was bound in the back.

Sawako read some mails.

After around 15 minutes, they switched to the video of Sawako in Okachimachi. Sawako went to 2k540 (Aki-Oka Artisan). This was the area underneath the Yamanote train tracks with lots of little stores. Sawako went into some of the stores and looked around.

Then they jumped to the restaurant video.

The restuarant that Sawako went to was Kakyoubeisen. It was a Chinese restaurant.

Sawako ordered a lot of food. She also ordered almond milk for her drink.

Sawako ate the food as it came, and also read some mails.

Sawako likes ebi chili (stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce).

After around 12 minutes in the resaurant, they switched back to the studio. The staff told Sawako that if she can get to Tokyo, something special will happen. Sawako rolled a 4. Then she used the "roll again" card to roll again. She got a 2, so the next stop was Tokyo!

members only broadcast

The members only broadcast was around 32 minutes. The first 15 minutes was a continuation of the restaurant video. The last 17 minutes was a continuation of the Aki-Oka Artisan video.

For the restaurant video, Sawako ate and read mails.

Sawako said that the usually lets the makeup artist do her hair for this show. She tries to do hairstyles that she usually can't do by herself.

Sawako said that she likes kebab, and there are many kebab places in Akihabara. She usually orders "chuukara" (medium hot), but there was one store near Akihabara Station which was very hot (spicy).

Sawako said that she doesn't go to Akihabara that much. She said she can do her shopping on the net.

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