Waki Azumi-san ga Login shimashita 19

title Waki Azumi-san ga Login shimashita 19
date/time 2021.03.06
seiyuu Waki Azumi (椢̤)
guests Serizawa Yuu (߷ͥ)

This was the 19th broadcast of Waki Azumi's solo program.

Azumi said that she recieved the "shinjin joyuushou" (new female seiyuu) of the seiyuu awards today. She showed the trophy that she got.

Azumi also said that the Umamusume game has been released recently.

The guest was Serizawa Yuu.

The game they played was "Family Trainer Switch", and they played it using a leg strap.

Yuu said she will release her third single something this spring.

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