Waki Azumi-san ga Login shimashita 17

title Waki Azumi-san ga Login shimashita 17
date/time 2021.01.20
seiyuu Waki Azumi (椢̤)

This was the 17th broadcast of Waki Azumi's solo program.

There was no seiyuu guest this broadcast.

Azumi had cut her hair, quite a bit. She said she cut her hair because she had finished all the filming for the music video for her upcoming album.

The game she played was Monster Hunter Rise.

Azumi said the promo video for her first album (going on sale 2/17), was released today.

Azumi's photobook "Azu You" will go on sale 2/14.

In the second half of the broacast, a fortune teller guest came. The fortune teller was wearing a kigurumi head and talked about Azumi's fortunes in 2021.

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