Waki Azumi-san ga Login shimashita 16

title Waki Azumi-san ga Login shimashita 16
date/time 2020.12.30
seiyuu Waki Azumi (椢̤)
guests Tomita Miyu (ͫ)

This was the 16th broadcast of Waki Azumi's solo program.

The guest was Tomita Miyu.
It's been around one year since Miyu came onto this show, in November 2019.

They talked about the new types of events they did this year. It was mostly remote events and broadcast events.

The game that they played was "Sekai no Asobi Taizen 51" (Υ 51) for the Nintendo Switch. They started with air hockey, and played many other games.

Azumi said that she will release her first full album on 2/17 next year.

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