Waki Azumi-san ga Login shimashita 4

title Waki Azumi-san ga Login shimashita 4
date/time 2019.12.24
seiyuu Waki Azumi (椢̤)
guests Kitou Akari (ƬΤ)
Haruno Anzu

This was the 4th broadcast of Waki Azumi's solo program.

The guests were Kitou Akari and Haruno Anzu.

Before the broadcast began, they played a joint promo video of Azumi's songs "Fuwatto" and "Citrus".

Since it was 12/24, Azumi was wearing a cute santa outfit.

Akari and Anzu also came wearing Christmas outfits. Akari was a reindeer, and Anzu was a snowman (basically a white outfit). Their outfit hoods had cute ears.

They all drank a tapioca drink, and the game they played was Dairantou Smash Brothers Special.

After the game they got some snacks and ate while reading mails and talking.

Azumi's solo debut single will go on sale 1/29, and she will have a mini live event at Ikebukuro Sunshine Funsui Hiroba.

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