Aida Rikako x The Television Aitai!

title Aida Rikako x The Television "Aitai!"
date/time 2021.01.21 - (once/month)
host Aida Rikako ()
broadcast niconico
archive members only

Aitai! is a monthly show by Aida Rikako. This is a collaboration with the magazine The Television.

The first part was free, and the second part was for members only. Unlike many other shows that cut off in the middle, the free portion by itself is a complete show. But in the second part, Rikako changes clothes and does more interesting things.

The broadcasts were as follows.

broadcast date guests
"Aitai!" 90pun Special 2021.01.21  
"Aitai!" 2 2021.02.17  
"Aitai!" 3 2021.03.12  
"Aitai!" 4 2021.05.06  
"Aitai!" 5 2021.05.27  
"Aitai!" 6 2021.06.23  
"Aitai!" 7 2021.07.21  
"Aitai!" 8 2021.08.11  

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