Kayanomi 106

title Kayanomi 106
date/time 2021.07.12
broadcast youtube
archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl3moNr2yk8
host Kayano Ai ()
guest Nanjou Yoshino (갦ǵ)
Hikasa Youko (ۻ)

This was the 106th broadcast of Kayano Ai's show Kayanomi. This was a birthday special, and the guests were Nanjou Yoshino and Hikasa Youko. Yoshino's birthday was 7/12 and Youko's birthday was 7/16.

They were all in a small store at a long table. They were separated by clear acrylic boards. They drank sake and ate food during the broadcast.

This broadcast was continued to the next broadcast on 7/16.

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