Waki Azumi 4th Single Net Sign Kai 1st Session

title Waki Azumi 4th Single "Viewtiful Days" Net Sign Kai
date/time 2021.05.29 18:00-
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Waki Azumi (椢̤)

This was a live broadcast of Waki Azumi's signing session at Gamers for her 4th single "Viewtiful Days", that will go on sale 6/16.

This was the first session (18:00), and there was one more session two hours later (20:00). This broadcast was free to watch, even for those who didn't win the lottery for the signing session.

Azumi signed the CD jacket "another jacket" one by one, and read out the names that she was writing.

Azumi signed 100 jackets in a little over one hour.

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