Honjitsu ha Seiten nari Hatsubai Kinen Tokuban

title Honjitsu ha Seiten nari Hatsubai Kinen Talk and Mini Live Tokuban
date/time 2021.03.03
broadcast niconico
host Ohnishi Aguri ()

This was a live broadcast of the event for Aguri's solo debut single "Honjitsu ha Seiten Nari".

Aguri sat at a table on the stage. The first 45 minutes was talk about the CD.

Then they showed the promo video of the song. After the promo video, there was a little bit more talk before the song.

In the song corner, Aguri sang "Honjitsu ha Seiten nari" and "Ready to Fly". After the song, the emcee brought flowers for Aguri. Then Aguri started crying a little during her final message.

The regular broadcast was around one hour. Then there was another 15 minutes of talk for niconico premium members.

Aguri had three online signing sessions and one event for her debut single.

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