Ohnishi Aguri Net Signing Session

title Ohnishi Aguri Net Signing Session at Gamers
date/time 2021.02.25 19:00-21:00
broadcast youtube
archive Gamers youtube channel (until 2021.03.07)
host Ohnishi Aguri ()

This was a live broadcast of a net signing session by Ohnishi Aguri at Gamers for her solo CD "Honjitsu ha Seiten Nari".

This broadcast was free to watch, even those who didn't get the signature. The archive was on the Gamers youtube channel until 3/7.

Aguri said this was her first net signing session. Before she began the signing session, Aguri showed the samples of the CDs.

The signing session flowed as follows. Aguri read the name of the person, and then wrote the name and her signature on a photocard. Then she showed the card to the camera.

Aguri signed the first 50 cards in 28 minutes, and then took a short break. She read some comments from the viewers and talked for a few minutes.

Then Aguri went back to signing. She got to 100 cards before the hour, and took another break. Aguri had a little black mark on her finger from the ink.

Then Aguri took another break at 150, and got to the total 200 in under two hours.

Aguri talked at little bit at the end, and the broadcast finished.

Aguri had three online signing sessions and one event for her debut single.

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