Aida Rikako First Album "Curtain Raise" Tokuban

title Aida Rikako First Album "Curtain Raise" Hatsubai Kinen Tokuban
date/time 2020.03.25
broadcast niconico
seiyuu Aida Rikako ()

This was a live broadcast for Aida Rikako's first solo album. Rikako's first album "Curtain Raise" will go on sale 3/31.

Rikako opened the package for the first time. There were four different packages: first press A, first press B, regular, and "Us" members only.

The photos in each package was different. Rikako took a survey to see which jacket was the favorite. The viewers chose the regular version and "Us" version.

Then Rikako showed some of the tokuten pictures and trading cards which are included in the CD.

Next Rikako read some comments from twitter and talked about the songs.

Rikako said that she will have her first solo live tour this year, Aida Rikako 1st Live tour 2020 Curtain Raise. The following dates are scheduled, but Rikako said she wasn't sure if they can really do it.

  • 4/11 Nagoya
  • 4/12 Osaka
  • 4/19 Tokyo

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