Waki Azumi 1st Single "Fuwatto/Citrus" niconama

title Waki Azumi 1st Single "Fuwatto/Citrus" Hatsubai Kinen niconama
date/time 2020.01.23
broadcast niconico
seiyuu Waki Azumi (椢̤)
video message Tomita Miyu (ͫ)
Haruno Anzu
Kitou Akari (ƬΤ)
Serizawa Yuu (߷ͥ)

This was a live broadcast for Waki Azumi's first solo single. Azumi's single "Fuwatto/Citrus" will go on sale 1/29.

This broadcast was around one hour.

At the beginning they showed a promo video of both songs "Fuwatto" and "Citrus". They were short versions. Right now they had both videos on youtube, and there was a contest to see which one would have more views.

Azumi will have an event on 1/29 at Ikebukuro Sunshine City, and she will wear the outfit of the song with more views. This will be Azumi's first solo stage at Sunshine City, and currently "Citrus" is winning. Azumi said she likes both songs, but she likes the outfit to "Fuwatto" a little bit more.

In the first corner, Azumi made some cotton candy. Azumi said she likes sweets, but she couldn't make the cotton candy very well.

In the next corner, they showed some video messages from Azumi's friends. There were messages from Tomita Miyu, Machico, Haruno Anzu, Kitou Akari, and Serizawa Yuu.

In the next corner, Azumi played a game where she had to guess which of the 5 drinks in front of her were citrus drinks. The drinks were apple, tomato, grapefruit, grape, and orange. Azumi said it was too easy. Since Azumi picked grapefruit and orange correctly, she got a present. It was some grapefruit jelly.

At the end, Azumi gave out some information on her CD promotion events. She will have 11 events on 2/1, 2/2, 2/8, and 2/9.

Azumi said that this was the first solo live broadcast that she did, and she wants to do some more.

After the broadcast, they showed the promo videos again.

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