Aida Rikako First Single "for..." Hatsubai Kinen Tokuban

title Aida Rikako First Single "for..." Hatsubai Kinen Tokuban
date/time 2019.11.07
broadcast niconico
seiyuu Aida Rikako ()

This was a live broadcast for Aida Rikako's first solo single. Rikako's first single "for..." will go on sale 11/13.

Rikako said that she was very nervous, as this was the first time that she did a niconama broadcast by herself. She wondered if there was anyone who saw her for the first time today. So at beginning of the broadcast, she took a survey. The results were that 11% of the viewers were new to Rikako.

Rikako did a short self introduction. Then she talked about the single "for..." The song is the opening song for the TV anime "Val x Love".

Rikako said that she signed 10 photobooks, and they will be given away as presents (by drawing) to those who reserve the CD today.

Also there are 5 trading cards, one random included in each CD.

Then they showed the short version of the promo video. The first edition will have the full version and a making of video.

Rikako will have a official fan meeting event, "with Us" vol 1 on 11/30.

The free broadcast was around one hour, and there was a 5 minute omake corner for niconico premium members.

In the omake corner, Rikako whispered into a dummy head mike, and talked about the CD for a few minutes.

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