Shuka Saito Birthday Free Live 8401 namahousou

title Shuka Saito Birthday Free Live 8401 namahousou
date/time 2019.08.16 19:00-19:30
broadcast youtube live
seiyuu Saitou Shuka (ƣ)

This was a live broadcast of a free live event in Odaiba by Saitou Shuka for her debut mini album. It was broadcast on youtube live, and it was around 30 minutes.

Shuka came onto the stage and sang "Ato 1 Meter".

After the song, Shuka talked alot. The number 8401 was the number of days that Shuka has been alive. Also her solo debut was on 8/14, and those numbers are included in 8401.

Shuka talked about her mini album "Kutsuhimo".

Shuka was about to sing the song "Kutsuhimo", but when the music started playing, it was "Happy Birthday". The staff then brought out a large birthday cake.

It was a surprise, and Shuka started crying a little bit. Then she talked some more. She also took photos with the cake and crowd.

At the end, Shuka sang the song "Kutsuhimo".

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