Kusuda Aina 5th Album Hatsubai Chokuzen namahousou

title Kusuda Aina 5th Album "The Life" Hatsubai Chokuzen namahousou
date/time 2019.07.11
broadcast niconico
seiyuu Kusuda Aina (ΖοΕΔ°‘°αΖΰ)

This was a live broadcast for the 5th album by Kusuda Aina.

Aina's 5th album "The Life" will go on sale 7/17.

At first Aina talked a little about her previous albums: First Sweet Wave, Next brilliant wave, Calendar no Koibito, Ainanda.

Next, Aina talked about this album. This is a full album, and there are three packages. One is a normal type, with just the CD. The limited edition type A comes with a bluray containing video of Aina's 2019 birthday event. The limited edition type B comes with a bluray containing the music video, some making of and interview videos.

Then Aina played all of the songs and talked a little about them. Then they played the promo video of "The Life".

Next, Aina played a board game, like the game of "Life".

Aina will have a lot of release events in July and August. Aina will have a fourth live tour in September, and she will sing the songs from this album. The day and night sessions will have different songs.

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