38th Single "Never Surrender" Tokuban

title Mizuki Nana 38th Single "Never Surrender" Hatsubai Kinen Tokuban
date/time 2018.10.24
broadcast niconico
archive none
seiyuu Mizuki Nana (ࡹ)
emcee Washizaki Takeshi (ɺ)

This was a live broadcast for the 38th single by Mizuki Nana. The emcee was Washizaki Takeshi.

Before the live broadcast part, they showed a digest version of Nana's live "Nana Mizuki Live Gate" that took place in January 2018.

Nana's previous live broadcast was in July of 2017.

The single Never Surrender went on sale today, and this is the second of two monthly CD releases. "Wonder Quest EP" (Nana's 37th single) went on sale 9/26.

First Nana talked about the songs on Wonder Quest EP. Then Nana talked about the songs on the new CD.

There are four songs on this CD.

"Never Surrender" is theme to the Nanoha Detonation movie. The lyrics were written by Nana.

"Get Back" is an insert song for the Nanoha movie.

Then they showed a promo video of "Never Surrender".

The third song "Search Light" is a theme song for the live action movie "Futatsu no Kinou to Boku no Mirai".

The fourth song "Nageki no Hana" is the opening song to the TV anime "Kengenken Aoki Kagayaki".

Then Nana played some games.

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