"Yoake no Cinderella" Release Kinen Zenkyoku Shichoukai

title Yamazaki Erii 2nd Album "Yoake no Cinderella" Release Kinen Zenkyoku Shichoukai
date/time 2018.10.14
seiyuu Yamazaki Erii (ꥨꥤ)

This was a live broadcast of part of an event for Yamazaki Erii's second album "Yoake no Cinderella", which will go on sale 11/21.

They played each song on the album, and Erii talked a little bit about each song.

At the end, they announced many events for this album.

2018.11.17 Solo artist debut 2nd anniversary event
2018.11.20 Yoake no Cinderella release event at Sunshine City
2018.12.23 Special Live -Yoake no Cinderella- at AiiA theater
This will be the first time that Erii does a two session solo live.

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