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title Best Album "The Memories Apartment" Release Kinen
date/time 2018.07.12
archive none
seiyuu Nanjou Yoshino (갦ǵ)

This was a live broadcast to commemorate the latest albums by Nanjou Yoshino, "The Memories Apartment". There will be two albums, and they will go on sale next Wednesday. This broadcast was around 90 minutes, and Yoshino talked about the album.

It was also Yoshino's 34th birthday today. So they darkened the room and brougt out a birthday cake.

There were three different versions of the album, and Yoshino opened them to show what's inside. They also showed some digest versions of the special videos that came with the bluray/DVD versions of the album.

Yoshino will have signing session events on 8/4 (Tokyo), 8/5 (Osaka), and 8/19 (Nagoya).

Yoshino will also have a live tour in the fall, "Nanjou Yoshino Live Tour 2018".

  • 9/22 Chiba
  • 9/23 Chiba
  • 9/29 Nagoya
  • 10/8 Osaka
  • 10/14 Shizuoka

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