2nd Album "Blue Compass" Hatsubai Kinen Tokuban

title 2nd Album "Blue Compass" Hatsubai Kinen Tokuban
date/time 2018.05.24
seiyuu Minase Inori (Τ)
emcee Washizaki Takeshi (ɺ)

This was a live broadcast to commemorate the second album by Minase Inori. The emcee was Washizaki Takeshi, and the broadcast was around one hour.

This was Inori's first solo niconama. She had done some for anime and such before, but not for her own CDs.

Takeshi and Inori talked about the album for a little bit.

Inori doesn't like playing games during these live broadcasts, but the staff made her play games and introduce the songs. She had to pull topics out of a box, and talk according to the topic.

At the end, Inori said that she will have a live tour in June to July, in Aichi, Ishikawa, Hyougo, and Chiba (Makuhari Messe).

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