Aina Kusuda 2nd Live Tour BD

title Aina Kusuda 2nd Live Tour BD Hatsubai Kinen namahousou
date/time 2017.11.15 20:00-21:00
cost free
archive none
seiyuu Kusuda Aina (ΖοΕΔ°‘°αΖΰ)

This was a live broadcast commemorating the bluray of Kusuda Aina's 2nd Live Tour.

Aina talked about the live, bluray, and they showed some clips from the bluray. She also "taught" some of the moves from her songs.

The bluray "Perfect Aina Year" will go on sale 12/8. It will contain 1 BD and 2 CDs.

After the regular broadcast ended, there was a part 2 of this broadcast (around 20 minutes) for niconico premium members.

In this part, Aina read comments and questions from the viewers, and just talked.

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