Aina Kusuda 2nd Live Tour

title Aina Kusuda 2nd Live Tour Kaisai Kinen namahousou
date/time 2017.05.23 20:00-21:00
cost free
archive none
seiyuu Kusuda Aina (ΖοΕΔ°‘°αΖΰ)

This was a live broadcast where Kusuda Aina talked about her upcoming concert tour. Aina said that this was her first solo broadcast.

In addition to the upcoming live, Aina gave out information about her previous CDs and lives. They also showed some clips of her previous lives.

Aina also showed off some of her concert goods.

There will also be a collaboration with the Kua Aina hamburger store. Aina said that all you have to do is add "sud" to "Kua Aina" to get "Kusuda Aina".

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