Mon Dora Channel

title Mon Dora Channel (モンドラちゃんねる)
host Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
broadcast niconico, youtube
youtube channel
date/time around once per month
cost free
archive youtube channel

This is a two hour live broadcast for the game Monster Drive Revolution.

It's usually broadcast on a Saturday or Sunday once a month.

The seiyuu host (since it became an official broadcast in October 2016) is Hata Sawako. The other regular is Mr. Umezu, one of the staff members of Monster Drive Revolution.

Each show is broadcast on niconico live, and the archive is usually put up on youtube right away.
For some reason, the broadcasts 3 to 7 haven't been archived.

After broadcast 9, this show changed to Gekkan Gianty Station.

The broadcasts were as follows.

broadcast date host, guests
kari 0 2016.04.29 Kuwahara Yuuki
kari 1 2016.05.29 Murai Risako
kari 2 2016.06.26 Hata Sawako
kari 3 2016.07.31 Aoki Shiki
kari 4 2016.08.28 Hata Sawako
kari 5 2016.09.16 Hata Sawako
1 2016.10.02 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako
2 2016.11.05 Hata Sawako, Myako
3 2016.12.11 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako
4 2017.01.08 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako
5 2017.02.12 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako
6 2017.03.12 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako, Kojima Miyu
7 2017.04.09 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako
public 2017.05.14 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako
8 2017.06.11 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako
9 2017.07.16 Hata Sawako, Murai Risako

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