Maeshima Ami no KokoKore

title Maeshima Ami no KokoKore (前島亜美のコココレ)
hosts Maeshima Ami (前島亜美)
broadcast abema fresh
date/time once per month (second Friday)
cost free + members only
archive members only

This is a one hour live internet broadcast by Maeshima Ami.

The first real broadcast was on July 14, 2017, but there was a 20 second video message by Ami on July 3 to announce this new internet show.

The broadcasts were as follows.

date guests
2017.07.14 Hata Sawako
2017.09.19 Terakawa Aimi
2017.10.26 none
2017.11.15 none
2017.11.21 none
2017.11.22 20th Birthday Event
2017.11.29 none
2017.12.17 none
2017.12.30 none
2018.02.21 none
2018.04.07 none
2018.04.27 none
2018.05.10 none
2018.06.30 none
2018.07.21 none
2018.08.26 none
2018.09.24 none