Saint Snow Namahousou

title Love Live Sunshine Saint Snow Namahousou
date 2021.06.28
broadcast niconico, youtube
hosts Tano Asami (田野アサミ)
Satou Hinata (佐藤日向)

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Sunshine. The hosts were Tano Asami and Satou Hinata from Saint Snow.
This was supposed to be broadcast on 6/14, but it got postponed to 6/28.

On 6/30 it will be the 11th anniversary of the Love Live series. It's also the 6th anniversary of Aqours.

They did the "Gig Commentary" corner. They showed the first 10 minutes of the Saint Snow First Gig video, while the Saint Snow seiyuu talked.

Next they did the "Multiangle Gig" corner. They some some multiangle shots of the video. Angle 1 was a video of both seiyuu, angle 2 was mainly Asami, and angle 3 was Hinata.

Next they played the School Idol Festival AC Waiwai Home Meeting game for the PS4.