School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017 Uranohoshi Jogakuin Radio

title School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017 Uranohoshi Jogakuin Radio public broadcast
date 2017.06.11 14:00-15:10
broadcast niconico, abema fresh
archive none
hosts Inami Anju (Ȱɼ)
Komiya Arisa (ͭ)
Kobayashi Aika (Ӱ)

This was a live broadcast of the Uranohoshi Jogakuin Radio at the Love Live School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017.

The Aqours members who appeared were Anju, Arisa, and Aika, who also went under the group name Guurinpa. This was the first public broadcast by the group Guurinpa.

This stage was a little over one hour.

After the introductions, the girls sat down at the table and started to radio show. They read many mails and answered questions.

Some of the highlights..

Aika sang the "little daemon" song. Then she asked Anju to sing a "mikan" song, and then Arisa sang a "bubbuu desuha" song.

There was a request to sing and dance like a musical, and express how great the School Idol Festival Kanshasai is.

There was a request from Rikako, Shuka, and Kanako (who had an event earlier in the day), to do a monomane (mimicry) of each other.

When they played the new song by Cyaron "Kinmirai Happy End", the girls stood up and danced around while the song was playing.

There were some tongue twisters sent in by the fans. Arisa was pretty good with them.

At the end, they gave out some information about some new goods. There was a secret menu at the Love Live Sunshine Collaboration Cafe, a Guurinpa set, for those who brought the Guurinpa CD.

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