Love Live Sunshine Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou

title Love Live Sunshine Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou
date 2017.05.19
broadcast niconico, bandai channel
archive none
hosts Komiya Arisa (小宮有紗)
Suwa Nanaka (諏訪ななか)
Takatsuki Kanako (高槻かなこ)
video Cyaron

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Sunshine. The members were Azalea (Arisa, Nanaka, and Kanako).

The Azalea members played games and such for the unit contest.

There was a recorded video quiz by Cyaron, which was recorded in the Love Live train in Numazu.

Azalea's second single "Galaxy Hide and Seek" will go in sale 5/31. They showed the jacket image, the first time it was shown. They also played the coupling song, "Innocent Bird".

The School Idol Festival song that they played was "Torikoriko Please". They played expert mode, and their max combo was 164.

Then they said that Aqours has a photo collection and a clear file in the current issue of the magazine Young Jump Gold, which went on sale 5/18. They showed some parts of the magazine.

The next Aqours live broadcast will be on June 9, and the members will be Guilty Kiss. The broadcast will start earlier than usual, at 19:30.

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