Azur Lane Idolmaster Collabo Kinen SP

title Azur Lane Idolmaster Collabo Kinen SP
date/time 2021.07.16
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Takatsuka Tomohito
Nakamura Eriko
Imai Asami ()
Takahashi Chiaki (Ϥҽ)
video Shimoda Asami ()

This was a live broadcast for the game Azurlane's collaboration with the game Idolmaster. The seiyuu were Takatsuka Tomohito, Nakamura Eriko, Imai Asami, and Takahashi Chiaki.

Everyone was in a tropical bar setting. They guys were wearing aloha shirts with Azurlane characters. The Idolmaster seiyuu guests were wearing yukata.

They had announced that there will be an Idolmaster collaboration in the previous broadcast in June, but they didn't give any details. They gave the details in this broadcast.

They started with a short introduction of Idolmaster. Then they showed an animated promo video for the collaboration. There will be an Idolmaster event between 7/22 and 8/5.

The Idolmaster idols that appear in the Azurlane game are as follows, and they showed the artwork for the characters.

Haruka SSR
Chihaya SSR
Azusa SSR
Iori SSR
Ritsuko SR
Ami SR
Mami SR

Then there was a video message by Shimoda Asami, who does the voices of Ami and Mami.

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