Yokosuka x Azur Lane Talk Event Namahaishin

title Yokosuka x Azur Lane Talk Event Namahaishin
date/time 2020.07.04 19:00-21:15
broadcast youtube
archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpTf8jwHGZc
seiyuu Ohhara Sayaka

This was a live broadcast for the game Azurlane. The seiyuu participant was Ohhara Sayaka.

The participants were on the battleship Mikasa in Yokosuka.

For the opening talk, everyone was on the deck of Mikasa. After the opening, everyone went down to a special room, which was usually off limits. They set up a large table with clear barriers between the participants.

They gave a lot of information about new events and shipsin the game.

They showed some of the new goods.

They showed a video of the real Yokosuka collaboration, the shops and goods in Yokosuka City.

They also showed some photos and video of some ship museums in London.

At the end, they went back up to the deck.

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