Ishikawa Yui no Missouri Adventure in Hawaii

title Azurlane TV Tokubetsuhen
Ishikawa Yui no Missouri Adventure in Hawaii
date/time 2019.12.24 20:00-21:00
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Ishikawa Yui

This was a recorded broadcast for the game Azurlane.

Ishikawa Yui (voice of Enterprise) was given a mission to go to Hawaii and investigate the USS Missouri. This was a one hour video of Yui in Hawaii.

This was Yui's first trip to Hawai. Instead of going to the Missouri right away, she played a little bit first. Yui went para sailing.

Then Yui went to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, and visited the USS Missouri. She had a guide take her into the restricted area too.

In order to take a picture of the entire Missouri, Yui rode a helicopter.

At the end, Yui went to a shop to pick out some presents for the viewers.

This was part one of a two part Azur Lane broadcast on 12/24.

Part two was a live broadcast by Tachibana Shinnosuke and Terashima Takuma.

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