TV Animation Azurlane Housou Chokuzen Namahousou

title TV Animation Azurlane Housou Chokuzen Namahousou
date/time 2019.10.02
broadcast youtube, niconico
seiyuu Ishikawa Yui
Taichi You
Yamane Nozomi

This was a live broadcast for the Azurlane TV anime, which was going to start the next day (10/3). The seiyuu hosts were Ishikawa Yui, Taichi You, and Yamane Nozomi.

The free part of this broadcast was around one hour, and there was also an omake part of the niconico premium members.

The TV anime starts on 10/3, and they had announced it at the First Anniversary event last fall. The anime story is slightly different from the game, so those who haven't played the game can enjoy the anime too.

They showed a promo video of the TV anime. Then they talked about the Azurlane game. They took a niconico survey to see how many people were playing the game. 60% were currently playing the game, 10% had played previously, and 30% had never played the game.

Then they introduced the main characters.

EnterpriseIshikawa Yui
AyanamiTaichi You
JavelinYamane Nozomi
LaffeyNaganawa Maria
BelfastHorie Yui
AkagiNakahara Mai

After some more info about the ships, they gave out the TV and Internet broadcast schedules, and information about the theme song and character song CDs.

There will also be an Azur Lane Bowling event at Akihabara UDX on 10/3, starting at 17:00. Yamane Nozomi and Naganawa Maria will be the guests.

The niconico premium members portion was around 20 minutes.

Each seiyuu was given a box of clay, and they had to make a model of their ships. They each looked at some pictures of the ships, and they had around 10 minutes to make the model.

After finishing the models, each seiyuu showed off their models and talked in their character voices.


Then they took a survey to see which one was best. Ayanami won, so they played the character songs of Ayanami as the ending song of the broadcast.

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