Seiya no Tokubetsu Namahousou

title Seiya no Tokubetsu Namahousou
-Otoko darake no Azurlane Off kai-
date/time 2018.12.25 (over 2 hours)
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Tachibana Shinnosuke
Terashima Takuma
video Horigome Saya

This was a live broadcast for the game Azur Lane.

The seiyuu participants were Tachibana Shinnosuke and Terashima Takuma. Both of them actually play the game.

The first part of the program was in a bar setting, and they pulled topics out of a hat and talked. Then they showed the actual games screens of Takuma and Shinnosuke's smartphones. Shinnosuke was at level 111!

The first part of the broadcast was around 50 minutes, and there was break until the second part.

For the second part, Shinnosuke and Takuma wore reindeer pajamas.

They showed a lot of new game information, including new outfits for the characters.

There was a video message by Horigome Saya.

They showed some new Azur Lane goods.

They gave some information on upcoming events in Akihabara. There will be an Azur Lane pop up store, and a sticker rally (12/26 to 1/14).

Then they showed a promo video of a theme song for Azur Lane, called "Wishness". This song was sung by the following cast.

AyanamiTaichi You
JavelinYamane Nozomi
LaffeyNaganawa Maria
Z23Abe Rika

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